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Once upon a time, there was a kid named Carl.

Ok... Fast-forwarding a whole bunch of years... Now we have
RICELING - a brand dedicated to bring you something unique.
So how did that begin? I have always been making things, especially "jewelry".
But as a guy, it can be really hard to wear what most people call jewelry - it just doesn't work that well. In fact, early on, I realized that most of my designs weren't even something I would feel great wearing. This is how RICELING was born - an initiative to design some cool stuff that appeals especially to guys!
Ok girls, don't panic, all my designs look great on you too! And I also design stuff with you girls in mind - so nobody feels left out...

The name RICELING comes from my name: Russell Irving Carl Erickson IV - that's right, I'm number 4. So, my initials are RICE. When I was a kid I started using the nickname RICELING - it stuck.

I hope you find something you like, or something you know a friend will like ;)


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